by The Human Machine

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released January 10, 2015

Written, Performed, and Produced by The Human Machine

Artwork by Posterphilia

This is a TriRilla Recordings Release



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hunger Pains


The weight of the world.
The limits of affection.
A desiring gaze confused with devotion.
Wayward from the womb,
Like a stubborn child I refuse to listen to you

Never thought, It'd be like you...
There's something in the way...
Left behind.

Ripped apart,
You're eating me alive!
Flesh from bone,
You're eating me alive!

Bare your guilt and fall by the sword.
I was fooled by your kindness.
And it delivered me through fear of death...
but only for a moment.

Sacrificial skulls sitting on an alter piece. Do I worship them? or do I worship
Track Name: Volatile


I'm seeing red.
my violent temper has got me again.
always caught a silent fury.
I have to learn to let it go.

Our conversations drifting.
We're drowned out in a sea of voices.
Tunnel vision.
You are all I see.

I'm much better now but we don't talk anymore.

All the things I've left undone, it's hard to look back on them.
So lay your burden down,
I don't want to lose this again.

We were laying in your room.
Watching the shadows dance from the window.
What I would give to see that again...
I guess it's too late.

I'm much better now but we don't talk anymore.
Track Name: Youthful Innocence


Cold night air sends shivers down your spine.
lonesome, lost, and drifted apart.
Tell me why you acted so strange.
"You don't always have to feel so helpless."

Say the words and I'll forget everything.
Say the words and I'll start to rebuild again.

Too much time trying to memorize
the moment for what it was...
that I could barely remember it now.
Lead me on... let me stand alone..
I'm tired and weak. Can you carry me home?

Tell me you love me.
Tell me you care.
I can't love you if you're never here.

Words don't come easy as they should...
Waiting around for the unknown.
The uncertainty of my youth.
Why must everything be set in stone?

Say the words and I'll pack my things and leave.
Say the words and I'll forget everything.

"I told you. I told you."
Track Name: Four Years


Where'd did you go running off to?
Blinding incandescent lights lead you astray!
All that you had to do was tell me something's wrong.
Waiting patiently,
In the dead of night...
Are we better off this way?
Waited patiently...
Four years with you.
What will become of us?
Without joy,
In a soundless room.

Sold me short, many times before. that I knew what I had say to you.
I shoulder all the blame, when it's all your fault. I'm so tired of blaming
myself for what you did to me!

Where did you go?
Did you get lost in it all?
Did you get lost somewhere along?