by The Human Machine

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The Human Machine's debut release. Self Recorded/produced/mixed/mastered/released.


released April 28, 2012

packy- guitar/vocals
snake- bass
jon wayne- drums



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Golden Calf
i talked to Jesus through my television screen, he told me "Son, this war is not for you and me." But no one was listening. They were all watching the golden calf who was dancing in the bottom of the screen.

Oh my God, wont you come back down! And peal off all my skin, breath new life in these bones. Because i fear these hands you blessed me with are just obstacles between our love.
Track Name: Heaven
You called down the hall and i forgot myself but only for a moment. i'd hate to be the man who fell in love with his dreams but never got to live them.

Did you get through those gates? Did they let you in? Did they say you could stay? Did they let you in?

Walking down the hospital hall my eyes burn from the smell of clorox. The television is blaring irrelevant talk. My mother is crying in the stair well. Everyone is acting like nothings going on. When everything is going wrong

Heavens not Heaven without you.

He said "Son, don't be afraid. I fell asleep at the wheel but now I'm driving back your way."
Track Name: White Li(n)es
For all i know, there's someone else living in your head thats making you say those things. Who would have thought you fell in love at your funeral. She says to me "Don't leave me like he did. like he did!"

Because those lies you snorted up your nose have your brain not think right! And those vains that crawl up your arms have become your only friend!

And i'd tell you that i love you but you're not you.

She fell on her knees for all of the wrong reasons. Her love for me changes with the seasons. She's a mystery, she ran off with a mystery she'll never solve!